Weileun Fang, PhD

  • FIEEE, FInstP
  • NTHU Chair Professor
  • PME Dept./NEMS Institute
  • Office:工一館 522
  • TEL 03-5742923
  • fang@pme.nthu.edu.tw
  • Autobiography:
  • Prof. Fang has been working in the MEMS field for more than 20 years. He received his Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) in 1995. His doctoral research focused on the determining of the mechanical properties of thin films using MEMS structures. He joined the Power Mechanical Engineering Department at the National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) in 1996, where he is now a Chair Professor as well as a faculty of NEMS Institute. From June to September 1999, he was at California Inst. of Tech. as a visiting associate. He became the IEEE Fellow in 2015 to recognize his contribution in MEMS area.

    Prof. Fang has published more than 170 SCI journal papers, 350 international conference papers, and 100 patents (all in MEMS field). He is now the Chief Editor of JMM (IoP, UK), the Board Member of IEEE Trans on Device and Materials Reliability, and Sensors and Materials, and the Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors J. He served as the Chief Delegate of Taiwan for the World Micromachine Summit (MMS) in 2008-2012, and the General Chair for MMS 2012. He also served as the TPC (Tech. program committee) of IEEE MEMS’04, ’07, and ’10, the TPC of Transducers’07, and the ETPC (Executive TPC) of Transducers’09-’15. He has become the member of ISC (International steering committee) of Transducers from 2009-2017, and was the General Chair of Transducers’17. He serves as the Asia Regional Program Chair of IEEE Sensors’10, and the TPC Chair of IEEE Sensors’12.

    There are more than 50 PhD and 100 Master students graduated from Prof. Fang’s group so far. Most of them are working in the MEMS and micro sensors related companies, such as TSMC, UMC, ASE, apm, Apple, xMEMS, TDK-InvenSense, Coretronic MEMS, Sensortek, Delta, PixArt, mCube, etc. He is now the Vice Chairman of the MEMS and Sensors Committee of SEMI Taiwan. He is the Standing Committee Member of the Nanotechnology and Micro System Association (NMA), Taiwan. He also served as the Chairman of NMA from 2013-2014. Moreover, Prof. Fang also serves as the Technical Consultant for many MEMS companies in Taiwan.